2017 What an honor to have been notified by the Board Of Trustees of the Community Foundation of Western Nevada!

Safe Haven/BARK was awarded $225 from the Nevada Animal Fund designated for Spay/Neuter and humane euthanasia procedures.  This grant was utilized towards sterilization of three dogs in 2017

Partnerships make it happen...For The Dogs!

2017 Safe Haven is proud and honored to have received a $316 Emergency Medical Grant from the PETFINDER FOUNDATION for Cinco's (now named Dante) dental! The emergency medical grant program is used to assist Petfinder members who are caring for a pet that needs special life-saving veterinary care in order to become adoptable.

Poor Cinco/Dante, he could hardly open his mouth or eat when he arrived. A few days upon arrival he was vaccinated, bloodwork/ preventative, full dental (13 teeth extracted) and neutered. He was quickly adopted and doing very well ! Thank you Petfinders ! (
Press Release)

Our Establishing Foundation Partnerships;

We truly appreciate all of our donors -- both individual or corporate. We would like to thank those organizations that have provided us with grants to help the Safe Haven dogs continue with a higher quality of life.

  • The Community Foundation of Western Nevada sponsored the 2015 pergola for the wolfies (Denali / Gypsy) and the Safe Haven Rescue Kennel 'Concept-to-Reality' 2016 front property with a $10,000 grant. The project funded from the Community Advised fund fulfilling the legacy of a donor who loved animals (press release). In 2017 a $10,000 grant opportunity from a donor included Cottage C, Roof for the Social Area, Gabbs dogs Gazebo and the roof for the kennel building runs.
  • The Binky Foundation sponsored Cottage #3.  We are honored to be appointed the 2016 in honor of the many “Friends of Benny Wolfe” award ($1,500). Please take the time to thank Binky and review their 2016 report (pdf).  In 2017 The Binky Foundation stood up again for Hazel and Caesar and provided Cottage #3 full grant funding for their landscaped enclosure. ($1,800)
  • The Sager Family Trust sponsored Cottage #2 in 2016 and Cottage #4 in 2017.  We are humbled by the dedication of this trust in supporting Safe Haven dogs.
  • The Maddie's fund entrusted us with an Innovation Grant to rebuild Cottage #5 in 2017. #ThanksToMaddie now all the long-term / sanctuary dogs are now comfortable and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Thank You

A special THANK YOU goes out to our local Business Partners in supporting Safe Haven

2017 was Safe Haven/BARK's first year to reach out for grants towards

Veterinary partnerships

2017 Cinco was awarded $500 towards his medical needs

- - - -

2017 Cinnamon & Spice was awarded $576 towards 100% of their medical care

We are so thankful Walmart has sponsored our dogs medical needs. In 2017, we received two Walmart Community Grants $2,000.00 & $1,500.

The Community Foundation of Western Nevada Mission

To strengthen our community through philanthropy and leadership by connecting people who care with causes that matter

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Please give Paws For Love a huge THANK YOU for being there for Cinnamon and Spice AND Cinco in supporting their medical needs ! The wonderful artistic talents of the animal paws/tails support their initiative and mission of giving back!

The mission of the Paws for Love Foundation is to provide resources and funding to shelters, rescue groups, and individuals dedicated to improving the health, welfare, and adoptability of unwanted and abused animals.

Property transformation could not be done without the donors, the community and businesses.  Cottage #C, Roof for the Indoor/Outdoor Kennel Runs, Cottage #C and Gazebo was provided by a 2017 $10,000 grant by the Community Foundation of Western Nevada. Thanks To Maddie for Cottage #5

Safe Haven / Build A Rescue Kennel, Inc.