Long term dogs Gypsy & Denal!  We are assuming Gypsy is mother to Denali.

Gypsy & Denali are sponsored by
Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue.  They arrived Jan 2nd 2014 from the large rescue of the defunct Olympic Animal Sanctuary along with three of the Gabbs Dogs.

On New Years Day, 2014, Robin Wenham arrived in Golden Valley Arizona to look for the Gabbs dogs that had been released from the Olympic Animal "Sanctuary". He had five crates. Unfortunately, only three Gadds dogs had survived OAS. Robin was asked if we could possibly take two "wolf dogs". He was led onto the semi that the dogs had been transported in. Denali and Gypsy were still in their wooden crates. They were starved and almost completely shut down.

Gypsy was quicker to recover from OAS than Denali was. She watched over him, as she still does today, and helped him learn that humans can be trusted.

It was nearly six months before we were sure Denali would make it. But then he began to blossom into our proud wolfie.  He had surgery for cancer on his wrist September 2017 Our hearts were broken when Denali left us Jan 13 2019.  Run pain free now Denail you will be missed greatly.

Permanent resident Herbie!  January 2014. Herbie is one of the final 5 dogs from the large 148 dog rescue out of Gabbs Nevada in Jan 2008.  He is one of the Gabbs dogs rescued from a hoarding situation in Nevada in 2008. Luck was not on Herbie's side and he was sent to the Olympic Animal "Sanctuary" in Forks, Washington where he spent much of his life in a small kennel or crate. Herbie was re-rescued and returned to Nevada in January 2014.Herbie was near death when he arrived at Safe Haven and had a serious injury to his leg and a crushed foot.
Herbie slowly healed and with the help of Verna Conway , learned to trust. Feral from birth, he even learned to walk on lead. Herbie is a senior and will live out his life at Safe Haven.

Herbie has no sponsors. Herbie is a dog that does not appreciate being touched but we found he enjoys car rides. Herbie will live a life of peace, safety and the freedom to continue to be an alarm dog at Safe Haven.
Update: Feb 2019 Herbie continues to stay strong but showing his page.

Long term project sisters Joan & Betty!  Joan and Betty and their sister arrived at 8weeks old with Parvo in 2013.  After a lengthy and costly treatment they survived.

These two girls are about 24lbs.  Small but mighty!  Joan and Betty came to us as feral "Shepherd" pups from the Delano Shelter in the Central Valley of California. They broke with Parvo soon after they arrived and spent months in quarantine after leaving the hospital. They never quite became Shepherds, so we call them the Mini-Malinois. these two are still very shy and skittish and not ready for a home life style adoption.  They will take treats out of your hand but they are not ready for walking on leash.

Joan and Betty need individual foster homes to help them acclimate to life outside of Safe Haven.

Safe Haven Sanctuary Dogs

Long Term Resident OAS Roger September 2015 (formally Chance)   Oh, Roger.
Roger is a dog that spent many years at OAS, the Olympic Animal "Sanctuary". We had originally helped another Nevada rescue "adopt" Roger from his "temporary placement" in Golden Valley AZ. That placement didn't work out. Roger is a house dog and if you are a member of his "inner circle", he is a marshmallow of a dog.  However, with strangers,,,,that's a different story..

Roger could use a monthly sponsor, iif you would also like to contribute towards Roger care let us know. 

Permanent resident Bernie

Bernie arrived Mid 2017 from a rescue and not likely to be safely rehabilitated for home placement.

As a young dog he has a lifetime foster to support his care, medical requirements and socialization with other family dogs.

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When a dog comes to us in need, the first thing we do is get them veterinary care and observe their personality and get to know each one as an individual. The very last thing we will do is calculate how long they will take to get back on their feet so they can be adopted.

Each dog is an individual, and even though they are capable of becoming physically healthy as they transform, there is so much mental thoughts going on in their mind that it is impossible for us to comprehend. One of the top reasons a dog will stay at Safe Haven for a length of time or become a 'sanctuary' dog is to recover mentally.

We devote to each individual, focusing on their unique levels of need. To help a dog become a better dog than they arrived, they receive  the traditional obedience training work, learn to go on off-leash runs and off property socialization activities.  We especially pay close attention to providing the mental stimulation activities for the dogs that are not able to go off property.

We never pressure a dog to conform into an 'adoptable' dog.  We know that each one will settle into the environment in his or her own time and, as we remain patient, we watch their personalities unfold while they relax into life of peace and safety. The 'Concept-to-Reality Initiative gives them this freedom

We rescue less then two dozen dogs a year in order to provide them the personalized services to become better dogs than when they arrived. Dogs coming from hoarders, failed Sanctuaries or rescuing the rescue situations require a length of time for the dogs to decompress and show their true potentials. If you are interested in adopting any of the dogs currently in rehabilitation please contact us or check petfinders. Please note that some dogs can take weeks, months or years to come around before being available for adoption. With love, time and patience not only are we changing the lives of each individual dog but also creating a healing within their mind they will carry on to their new home.

It is not often Safe Haven has puppies.

Safe Haven adoptable and long term dogs - Rescue is not a verb.  It is a commitment.

The Safe Haven dogs enjoy their life in a peaceful healthy environment, regardless of behavioral or medical condition or their length of stay. Our feral (do not bond to humans nor like to be touched) or permanent resident / sanctuary dogs are not kept confined or out of sight. We feel human contact, individual play times and dog/dog socialization is an important aspect of being a healthy dog.  More importantly, Safe Haven enjoys watching and spending time with the dogs and watch them grow into better dogs.  Some of our dogs comes from free roaming feral situations and have not been raised with people or appropriately socialized to the world.  These types of dogs require long term support to learn how to trust, wear a collar, or be leash walked.

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Safe Haven / Build A Rescue Kennel, Inc.

Permanent resident Itsy!  January 2014 - Itsy is one of the final 5 dogs from the large 148 dog rescue out of Gabbs Nevada in Jan 2008. She is one of the Gabbs dogs rescued from a hoarding situation in Nevada in 2008. Luck was not on Itsy's side and she was sent to the Olympic Animal "Sanctuary" in Forks, Washington where she spent much of her life in a wire crate. Itsy was re-rescued and returned to Nevada in January 2014. Itsy was happy to leave OAS in the rear view mirror and lives "happily ever after" now.

She is on daily medicine for her extreme shoulder arthritis, and can be walked on leash, however she is not fond of being touched and lives a life of peace, safety and the freedom to continue to thrive as a Gabbs Dog at Safe Haven.
Update Feb 2019; Itsy is still going strong  but showing her age.