Safe Haven / Build A Rescue Kennel, Inc.

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a Safe Haven Dog!  When we started rescuing dogs back in 2008 we started out small, taking in quick adoptable dogs who needed our help.  ...More

As we spread the word about our cause to help those in need, more at-risk 'under socialized' dogs came to our door requiring help, love and understanding.  in 2016 we were able to increase our higher quality of living and offering new ways to rehabilitate our dogs in need.

What a great way to show your love by sponsoring a Safe Haven dog! From permanent residents, retirees or those waiting for their forever home, every one needs your love and support.  You can also sponsor a dog for someone else too!

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Caesar (feral from Mina NV)

Betty & Joan (feral girls)

Giving Back

Safe Haven long term dogs.

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Roger (Sponsored)

Hazel (born a feral dog)

The Build A Rescue Kennel, Inc is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Our tax identification number is 26-1759463

Monetary Donations

The Safe Haven is runs  on donations from people just like you! Our needs may be simple, such as providing the dogs a daily treat or more complex like the building of a Cottage or a providing a landscaped yard, to supporting a vet bill to bring a dog back to health.

Paypal ( makes the giving process very easy. You can give a little or a lot in a one time payment or set an amount to be given every month. Just click the Paypal button at the top of the page.

We also accept donations through standard mail. Checks can be made out to the "Safe Haven" or B.A.R.K. and send to 28 Hwy 95A North, Yerington NV 89447

Help Us Build our little mountain!

We reside on an acre of clay based soil land. In 2015 with just bare dirt and no erosion control, water run off created floods and boggy soggy ground. it was up to us to work our way through this and create a safe haven for the dogs in need of our help.

2015 high winds destroyed the entire back roofed kennel pens.  We took the highroad and created Concept-to-Reality to make a higher quality of life for our dogs.  We are grateful for the forward thinking foundations who have joined our vision in this costly initiative.

We have many plans in the works for structures that will allow the public to visit with the dogs, learn more about our sanctuary dogs and to provide shelter for those in need of a warm place to heal. All of these projects will require building material. If you would like to help in this area and are unable to deliver material directly to us gift cards are a great solution.

You can donate directly to our building fund by purchasing a gift card from our local hardware stores (Lowes or Home Depot) and sending it to: Safe Haven, 28 95A North, Yerington NV 89447.

Gypsy & Denali

Volunteer or Foster A Dog

Safe Haven encourages the participation of volunteers & Fosters who support our mission of rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of our dogs. We welcome your help! contact us anytime with questions.  Safe Haven dogs sincerely appreciate it.

Safe Haven has partnered with Bark Box! Each BarkBox subscription purchased using our code, Bark Box will donate $25 to Safe Haven! If you like the wine or fruit of the month clubs, now your dog box is delivered to your home every month!

28 Hwy 95A North, Yerington NV 89447 775-463-1842

Goofy Needs A Foster / Permanent Home!

Since 2005, when he was 4-6months old he has never had a home.  He was placed inside a pen/crate for 4 years in a warehouse with 100+ other dogs.  In 2014 Safe Haven rescued him for a failed sanctuary and started his journey to become a better dog.  He is ready now to learn what living in a home is all about. Goofy is now 7yrs old and must be the only animal in the home.  Contact Us to learn more about him.

Phoenix & Nubia (Mina NV)