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Safe Haven / Build A Rescue Kennel, Inc.

Build A Rescue Kennel, Inc. began reaching out for grant opportunities in 2016.

In 2012 there was a need for rescues to step up and help support a large 50+ free roaming hoarding situation in Mina Nevada.  The dogs had started killing cattle and needed to be removed.  B.A.R.K./Safe Haven took in thirteen of the Mina dogs and placed a majority but a few will remain with Safe Haven as they have not become bonded to people.

On New Years day 2014 Safe Haven found and re-rescued 3 of the 5 Gabbs dogs (Herbie, Itsy and Tippy) from the defunct Olympic Animal Sanctuary (OAS) in Forks Washington.  Able and Dixie are still missing.  During the next 8 months Safe Haven took in additional ten OAS dogs out of the 124 dogs needing out of Arizona left by OAS.

February 2015 was a year of mental growing for our dogs and rebuilding after devastating 90mph hurricane winds destroyed the entire back covered pens.  Work began mid 2015 to transform Safe Haven from outdoor kennels to a cottage 'home-like' enclosure. The initiative 'Concept-to-Reality' began with the Wolfie house and Bears Cottage.

Safe Haven continues to support the community rescues and shelters and in 2015 collaborated with an out of state rescue in taking two pregnant female coated (Xolo) Xoloitzcuintli out of 48 from a breeder turned hoarder situation. In 2016 in support with the county's animal control unit, rescued nine dachshund out of 25 when an hoarder owner died.

The vision has grown over time from easy adoptable dogs to more of the 'unadoptable' dog in need. Safe Haven has become known as a highly respected rescue/sanctuary with dedication to supporting the whole dog in their care.

Euthanasia Policy:
From time to time Safe Haven Rescue Kennel receives questions about its policy toward euthanasia and we would like to take the opportunity to address this concern. Safe Haven Rescue Kennel's policy regarding euthanasia for any dog is determined by medical need only based on the recommendation of our veterinarians. Reasons for euthanasia might be severe trauma with no chance of recovery, chronic disease that involves suffering, or a diminished state of the dog's health so as to prevent any quality of life.  [Full Euthanasia Policy]