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Safe Haven / Build A Rescue Kennel, Inc.

Gabbs dog, Apple, crossed to the rainbow bridge asleep in his place in the sun. Rest in Peace, Apple.. May 10, 2016

Newsmedia reports by Sheila Gardner on the Gabbs Dogs  Nov' 2007  /  Feb 2008   /  Jan2014

A monumental effort began within the community to help the Gabbs Dogs get re-homed. Unfortunately, some were  so feral, unsocialized that many were at-risk of being euthanized. February 2008 the Olympic Animal Sanctuary (OAS) in Forks Washington took the remaining five Gabbs Dogs.  December 2013 OAS closed down and Safe Haven re-rescued Herbie, Itsy and Tippy now permanent resident of Safe Haven. Gabb dogs Able and Dixie are still missing and presumed dead.

Gabbs dog Herbie was re-rescued from defunct Olympic Animal Sanctuary (OAS)  January 2014


Kris Brown, co-Founder and Director of Safe Haven Rescue Kennel made a commitment  to the remaining 56 Gabbs Nevada dogs in the winter of 2007.  She helped transport over two dozen and personally rescued over a dozen.  Kris Brown made a promise to these dogs and she continues to re-rescue any Gabbs dogs in need. Build A Rescue Kennel, Inc. became a 501.c3 in 2008 because of the Gabbs Dogs. 

Abandoned and stranded in the barren Nevada desert of Gabbs Nevada, 149 dogs needed help. Countless were on the verge of starvation, some had already passed on and all were neglected. This situation was unique as the owner had died May 2007 and once winter arrived and the cattle started eating the hay bale houses build for the dogs it became necessary to remove the dogs.  The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Nevada Humane Society, Best Friends and the Yerington Animal Shelter supported the remaining 56 dogs.  The National Geographic series DOGTOWN aired this hoarding situation.  More information can be learned with Red Rover (previously; Emergency Animal Rescue Service (EARS) : Two Dozen Dogs Find Canine Bliss at “Camp Reno”   / Full blog

Gabbs Dog Apple was originally rescued January 2008, but after a short stay and a number of escape artist activities he came to live at Safe Haven.  He is thought to be one of the main patriarchs at Gabbs and fathered a number of litters.

Gabbs Pergola and Indoor/Outdoor Kennel roof courtesy of

Community Foundation of Western Nevada - Built November 2017

Our apple tree was planted in honor of Protest OAS who back in 2013 worked to free the Olympic Animal Sanctuary (OAS) dogs, including the Gabbs dogs that had been placed at the now defunct Olympic Animal "Sanctuary". Apple's ashes will always remain in it's shadow. Apple watched over Herbie and Itsy, two of the returning OAS/Gabbs dogs until his death last May.

Gabbs Dogs Fence for privacy and shade courtesy of donations from donors / supporters (Built Oct 2018).