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Thank you again for your interest in working with our rescue team! This is not an application but questions to help match a Safe Haven dog to the right foster home. A majority of our rescues are sweet, shy and sensitive and needing TLC for them to take the next step in their journey. Please check your information in all fields is accurate and then click the Submit button.

Welcome to Safe Haven's Foster Caregiver Program

Safe Haven foster homes enable temporary placement and review of a dog in need for the next steps in its journey.  Fostering is certainly a commitment, but the rewards of watching a dog grow into a better dog are endless.  Safe Haven dogs include the very ready (for new homes) to the very shy and withdrawn needing time.

Before you commit to being a caregiver, we ask you to understand and agree this is a temporary and conditional agreement normally lasting three months. Safe Haven will retain all legal guardianship of the dog and reserves the right to perform home checks in order to ensure the foster dog are being adequately and appropriately cared for as agreed.

In becoming a Safe Haven foster we ask you to commit to three (3) months of evaluation. During this time period you will provide information about the medical and/or behavioral health of the dog. The Foster Caregiver Program will provide the medication, food, veterinary care but cannot guarantee the medical or behavioral health of any animal during their stay.

To become a Safe Haven Foster Caregiver there are three steps.  First step is to introduce yourself and your family to help us understand your expectations and if there is a dog that would fit into your household (Foster Inquiry Form listed below).  The second step is to officially apply as a Safe Haven Foster Caregiver (
Foster Caregiver Application
). The third and final step is to schedule a meet/greet with your family members at your home and sign off on the Foster Caregiver Agreement.
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Safe Haven encourages the participation of fosters who support our mission of rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of our dogs. We welcome your help! Fostering allows our Safe Haven dogs to transition into a home environment and learn good manners but more importantly we learn more about them in a home environment.  Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime with questions and feedback. If you have any difficulty using the form below, please call 775-463-1842 or email us at
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